Linux is a well-known OS, which is commonly used for web servers, given that it has a variety of advantages over other OSs. It is considered to be the most solid OS out there and owing to the way it operates, infected files will simply not work. Because Linux is absolutely free to use, no license fees will be added to the price which you'll have to pay for your web hosting service. That, subsequently, makes it possible for the provider to personalize the Operating system depending on what they and their clients require, taking away unwanted packages to improve the Operating system and the server’s efficiency. Linux servers frequently include the Apache server software, which processes Internet site access requests. Apache is furthermore free and easy to customize, not to mention that it's really quick and light in terms of the resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment that many of the most famous script applications require – WordPress, Moodle, Joomla, etc. The LAMP configuration is the most frequently used one globally, as it's stable and simple to maintain.

Stable Linux with Apache in Cloud Web Hosting

The cloud web hosting accounts which we offer are created on our cutting-edge custom made cloud website hosting platform. Different clusters of servers are used to take care of each part of the web hosting service, like e-mails, databases and so forth. All of our web servers run Linux. The latter has been customized so as to make sure that we can offer you a secure website hosting service without wasting system resources. We also use the amazing Apache web server and we also have an entire cluster for it, to ensure that all HTTP requests between visitors and your sites will be taken care of without any delay. You will be able to use a variety of languages for your sites – HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, etc., and you will not need to bother about safety or stability problems at any time.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Servers

The semi-dedicated server accounts that we offer you are created on an innovative platform where the files, the databases, the statistics, the Control Panel, and so forth., are addressed by separate groups of servers. The use of this customized structure is possible for the reason that we have set up a highly individualized Linux distribution on the machines and we can make use of all the merits that the OS is providing, including the possibility to implement in-house built software solutions such as our Hepsia Control Panel. The result is an exceptionally potent and secure web hosting service which will ensure high-end overall performance for your Internet sites. For even higher performance, we've chosen to use Apache, since it supports a considerable amount of modules and it can be modified in line with our needs too. You'll be able to use almost any popular scripting language with our custom software and hardware setup, and enjoy a quick, uninterrupted website hosting service.